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The benefits of eye treatments

benefits of eye treatments

I’m often asked what are the benefits of eye treatments?

Having eyebrows shaped and eyelashes tinted can make a world of difference. Shaping the eyebrows will open up your eyes giving more definition and framing the face. Whether blond or dark, adding some tint will make look more defined. For lighter skin tones I would tint with brown; depending on depth of colour would leave on for varying amounts of time. For darker skin tones I could also use brown or brown black for a darker result. For many women applying mascara is time consuming and they can find it difficult to find one which produces good results. This often ends up with a clumpy look – ladies, you know the one I mean! Or what about when you rub your eyes and end up with a panda effect? Not forgetting the fact of having allergies…

Ditch the mascara!

When going on holiday, it’s a bonus if you don’t have to wear mascara during the day, especially when swimming. Waterproofs can often be time consuming to remove. So eyelash tinting is a God-send. Being fair myself, my lashes look none existent without mascara, but I love having tinted so I don’t have to worry about wearing.

Blue black is great as is the darkest and will last longer. An eyelash tint will last between 4 to 6 weeks depending on how dark you have but need to leave at least a month in between. Factors such as being in the sun will also affect how quickly it fades. A patch test prior to any tinting should be done prior at least 24 hours. Just to make sure there is no reaction. It is rare but better to be safe than sorry.

Eyebrow Tinting

Tinting the eyebrows, usually last up to 3 weeks. Again, depending on how dark they are. It usually takes about 20 mins In total to do an eyelash tint. Vaseline is applied to the lid to prevent any staining from tint and also under the eye with pads. The eyes are closed while tint is applied to the lashes from the root until lashes are sufficiently covered. I usually leave on for at least 10 mins for good affect and after this time it stops taking. Whilst it’s on , I like to stay with the client and do a relaxing arm and hand massage. I would never leave a client alone while it’s on. The excess tint is removed and hey presto. Lovely dark eyelashes! Whilst the tint is on , sometimes a slight tingling may be felt. This is because the peroxide mixed with dye can create a slight heat but it’s nothing to worry about and is normal.

LASH LIFT… for added benefit

I also do Lash lift this is great for straight lashes or shorter lashes as it gives great curl making lashes look longer and thicker. This is also done with tint once lashes have been curled. I select correct size of curler and adhesive is applied to upper lid and base of curler and gently curl lashes around curler. Perm lotion is applied and left on for 15 mins. Then removed with cotton bud. Fixing lotion is then applied and left on for 15 mins and removed in same way. Once cleaned. The tint can be applied for a more dramatic look. The result is amazing! As a package.

For eyebrow shape, tint and eyelash tint I do reduced price of £20. A patch test for lash lift must also be done 24 hours prior to having done. Why not book in and try having a tint done to see the results.

Come along to the Beauty Retreat St Albans and enjoy the benefits of eye treatments!

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