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Benefits of using Dermalogica products

Many of my clients ask about the benefits of Dermalogica products which they experience in my salon, and buy the products to ensure they maintain their skin care regime at home.

Having trained at the London College of Fashion in 1988 it’s fair to say I’ve worked with a large majority of products on the market. When I opened my first beauty salon in Charing Cross Hospital I started using a range called Pier Auge. Over the years, I have worked with Clarins , Decleor, Elemis but by far I have found Dermalogica to be an amazing range with fantastic results.

I have been using on myself and clients for over 15 years now and I always find the results after a facial are plain to see. It’s so satisfying helping clients with skincare regime and recommending what to use at home as home care following a facial is extremely important.

Skin Types

Dermalogica products are suitable for every skin type from teens upwards.

Benefits of seeing a beauty therapist

A lot of women find confusing when purchasing products off the counter and will frequently buy , thinking suitable for skin when in fact it may not address the problems or achieve results wanted. So going to see a therapist in a salon has the bonus of having face mapping during the facial to address concerns , and advise exactly what client should be using to help. Once the face mapping has been done , the facial can be customised to suit skin type.

Starting from teenage years , breakouts can be targeted without using harsh products which are sometimes on the market making breakouts worse. Clean Start , will help balance the skin. With every age category , problems can be addressed , whether hormonal …. linked to stress , pregnancy causing pigmentation or anti ageing . Addressing fine lines and loss of elasticity and sun damage.

With every facial. I start with a relaxing back massage before going straight into doing the treatment. This is beneficial to relax and calm especially when rushing around ! Before I apply face masque I l always do neck , shoulder and face massage. And whilst it’s on. You can choose a touch therapy of hand and arm massage or scalp massage.

So whatever your concerns are. Choose from the Ultra Calming Range  for sensitised skin, Age Smart to firm and nourish controlling triggers leading to skin ageing, MediBac Clearing to clear and prevent acne and Power Bright TRX to help treat pigmentation.

RESULTS: You’ll leave with glowing skin and the advice of valuable home care to keep it up !

In December I’m going to be offering 10 percent discount on an hour Dermalogica facial so why not book in and see the results for yourself?

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