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Brighter Skin with Vitamin C

Brighter Skin with Vitamin C

Give your eyes a boost with the new Biolumin -C Eye Serum.

This is the time of year when skin and eyes can suffer with the harsh cold weather, skin and especially around the eyes can look drier and lines more visible.

This super charged Vitamin C eye serum has been clinically -proven to help brighten, firm and hydrate the delicate eye area, outsmarting visible premature skin ageing caused by daily eye movements.

Here are some other great ones which can target different problems:

  • The stress positive eye lift is an energising eye treatment and masque. It lifts, brightens and de-puffs. So great for tired, puffy eyes.
  • Age reversal eye complex. This is a potent retinol cream. Which regenerates, firms and hydrates. Great for prematurely aged eyes without sensitivity.
  • Multivitamin power firm. This is a smoothing vitamin complex which smooths, repairs and hydrates. Great for prematurely aged eyes.
  • Intensive eye repair. This is a replenishing eye cream which hydrates and nourishes and is great for dry, dehydrated eyes.
  • Total eye care SPF15. This a tinted AHA and spf cream which will help smooth, brighten and protect. This is a daily defense for all eyes.

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