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Give your feet some TLC!

Give your feet some TLC

As we approach pedicure season. Now is the time to start thinking of giving your feet some much deserved TLC! Having been hidden away for the winter now is the time to get them ready for when we change to sandals!

My pedicure takes an hour. And hour and 15 if having a luxury pedicure with paraffin wax.

Feet are first soaked in a foot spa, softening skin and easing away those aches and pains! Nails are cut and filed, followed by cuticle work, and removal of dry hard skin on soles of feet. Finally a relaxing Lower leg and foot massage. It really is amazing just how much lighter feet can actually feel! If having a luxury pedicure the paraffin wax is applied to feet, wrapped in booties and left to set for 10-15 minutes after the removal of dry skin. Feet feel incredibly soft and moisturised.

I use CND Vinylux polish which match the shellac colours, so great if having shellac applied in a manicure.

The polish has actually been reformulated to include an infusion of Keratin, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, which results in long-lasting polish that also pampers the natural nail.

Polish also drys super quick in about 10 minutes so no need to worry about smudges!

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