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Looking after your skin at home at this time in lockdown

At this time when missing some professional pampering, here are some useful tips for some home pampering until you can get back in to have a facial. If thinking of a microdermabrasion facial this is great for deep exfoliation ,and stimulating new collagen production working progressively through the layers of skin to help with more stubborn concerns.

So this time at home, start with a good SKINCARE REGIME.

Gently clean your face with your cleanser to remove surface of grime and makeup. It’s always good to double cleanse both morning and night. Remove with damp cotton pads or warm flannel.
Using an exfoliator will help to get rid of excess dead skin and make the skin look a lot fresher and brighter and will help with the absorption of serums and moisturiser. Apply In sections and move fingers in a circular motion upwards and outwards. Paying particular attention to areas where you feel a build up of dry skin. Remove with damp cotton pads or warm flannel.

Apply a toner

Apply a mask suitable to your skin type with fingers or a brush and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with damp cotton pads or warm flannel. Apply toner again.

Apply moisturiser and if during the day. An SPF. The new Dermalogica invisible physical defense SPF 30 is amazing! And can be used on all skin types and skin tones.

If you’re at home with kids and want to do some diy fun with staples in your cupboard. Give these a go!

For a face mask you could use honey and olive oil. For hydration and soothing.

A teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix to a fine paste and apply to face for 15 minutes , rinse with warm water


Look after your peepers with this old trick!

Teabags. … Redbush or Chamomile work best , but if like me only have good old Yorkshire teabags that’s fine!

Steep in water, take out and squeeze out excess water and pop in fridge to chill. Then lie back and rest on eyes for 10to 15 minutes


Blob of Vaseline, 1 teaspoon sugar and half teaspoon honey. Take a smidge of Vaseline and mix with the sugar and honey , mix together then gently rub into lips in circular motions to exfoliate and lock in moisture.

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