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Love your lips!

Your lips are the very expression of who you are.
With constant daily workouts from eating, drinking and communicating, the lips and perioral region can start to show signs of wear and tear. Prevent and correct feather lines and loss of volume with targeted lip care. Looking after your lips is easy with these top tips.

I can’t live without my lip balm!

The dry lips dilemma.
Lip skin is thinner than any other skin on the body. A mere 3-5 cell layers! Coupled with less oil glands and dehydrating saliva, lip skin is vulnerable to dryness and chapping.
Dry lips lose volume and develop fine feather lines around the lip line. Lip balms may be a popular quick fix but they could be contributing to the issue. Heavy mineral oil based balms can confuse the lip tissue and reduce the production of natural barrier protection. The result is an addiction to the lip balm – without it your lips seem to have none of their own natural protection, are extremely vulnerable, and become severely parched and flaky; they may even spilt and bleed.
Avoid mineral oil or petroleum based lip balms. Rather nourish dry lips with treatments rich in plant oils such as Shea Butter, which restores the natural barrier and hydrates.

My lipstick bleeds

The not-so-perfect pucker.
The main muscle of the lips is circular and as it contracts, the skin puckers. Ageing skin loses elasticity and, particularly if lips are drier, fine feather lines can develop. Dipping through straws or smoking will accelerate and exaggerate this puckering.
Lipsticks are wax based, so they warm and melt on application causing them to run or ‘bleed’ into these fine lines that radiate from the mouth. Try applying a primer to the lips first to set your lipstick.
Restore the lips and area around the mouth by improving hydration and reducing roughness with Sesame Seed Extract. Strengthen the barrier protection with bioactive Indian Gentian Extract, which reduces skin fragility to minimise fine feather lines.

My lips have lost fullness!

The volume vanguard
After the age of thirty, we start to lose collagen – the skin fibre that gives strength, tone and volume. In fact we lose about 1% collagen a year from age thirty.
Keeping lips well hydrated will give the perception of volume so be sure to moisturise your lips and apply nourishing emollients such as Shea Butter, Sesame Extract, and Vitamin E along with hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid. Moisturising Apple Extract with Advanced Volumising Technology can give lips a smoother look and plump fine feather lines and wrinkles.
Show your lips a little love. Regular use of a lip treatment each night will not only improve current lip condition but will defend against further deterioration of this delicate tissue.
A great treatment is the Dermalogica nightly lip treatment which is a rich overnight cream which firms, hydrates and restores the lip and perioral region, smoothing the appearance of laugh and feather lines while you sleep.

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