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Reflexology benefits

Out of all the relaxing treatments to be had, whether it be a full body massage, Indian head or a facial. I can honestly say that nothing quite compares to the feeling after a reflexology treatment.

Our feet get so neglected, not seeing the light of day in winter and there are so many important reasons for working with the feet as they are farthest from the heart so circulation can stagnate. People that suffer from poor circulation often suffer from swollen feet and hands. Waste materials such as Uric acid and calcium crystals can build up in the bottom of the feet as gravity tends to pull toxins downwards.

If feet put together they actually mirror the body and you can find that they can reflect the body type of the person. For example. Tall slim people tend to have long slim feet and long toes. People with wide shoulders tend to have wide feet. Certain conditions of the feet such as bunions can reflect a neck condition or hard skin in line with shoulder reflex points can often reflect a shoulder condition and so on. When energy flow in the body is decreased congestion can develop at the spot when there is a blockage. Later this congestion may manifest itself physically as a disease of that body part or organ and this leads to problems on another part or organ in the same zone e.g. Kidneys and eyes are both in sane zone. The blockage can be felt as a granular like deposit and by removing the blockage through reflexology restoring balance to the body and enabling self healing process to start.

A treatment usually takes an hour. And by working on specific reflex points can help with conditions such as hormonal imbalances, menopause, back pain , headaches and migraine , sleep disorders, digestive problems, circulatory problems, stress related disorders, arthritis.

Before a treatment. I like to do deep breathing with client to fully relax before treatment begins. Most clients get so relaxed during treatment they fall asleep, with maybe the odd twitch of foot here and there if it’s a sensitive spot! And after treatment, are astounded just how different and amazing they feel ?. Reflexology truly is a great treatment.

History of reflexology

It’s known to be more than 4000 years old. Paintings discovered in a physicians tomb in Egypt dating back to about 2300 BC show an actual reflexology treatment in progress. The Chinese are also known to have used in 4th century BC.

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