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Soothing hay fever skin

Seasonal allergic rhinitis (known as hay fever ) affects 1 in 5 people in the UK, and can flare up at certain times of the year depending on which pollen (s) the person is allergic to.
Tree pollen starts at the beginning of the year, followed by grass pollen which affects the majority of people with hay fever and weed pollen later in the year. With this influx of histamine coursing through the body, it’s a prime time to see skin reactions and inflammation.


  • Don’t skip cleansing at night , it makes a huge difference by removing irritants from the skin.
  • Try Precleanse Balm followed by UltraCalming Cleanser for a deep yet gentle cleanse. And use tepid water and a cool, soft cloth or cotton to prevent unwanted stimulation
  • To provide relief to an irritated eye area, Shake a couple of drops of Redness Relief Essence onto damp , cool cotton pads and rest on your eyes for a few minutes. Great to relieve itchiness
  • and reduce redness.

Sore nose from all the sneezing and blowing? Create a protective shield with Barrier Repair. This velvety moisturiser helps fortify damaged skin and minimises discomfort.

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