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The benefits of massage

Massage benefits

With the stresses of modern life and busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to take the time to relax and focus on ourselves. Stress can have a major impact on the body, causing anxiety, lack of sleep, tension, headaches and back pain. Poor posture can also contribute to muscular pain especially around neck, shoulders and lower-back which can be affected by the jobs we do. Just by how we sit, stand or bend over, the chores of carrying heavy shopping and small children.

There are many types of wonderful massage types to choose from. I specialise in Swedish massage, hot stone and Indian head massage. Swedish massage can be done with varying pressure depending on a client’s requirements. Many people find a deep massage uncomfortable so it really is about getting the correct balance. If too light it can be an irritating experience, but I always ask about pressure during treatment to make sure client is comfortable. For a deeper massage using hot stones is great as it is 10 times stronger than just using hands and with the heat, it is great for circulation and aiding with the removal of toxins. Indian head massage concentrates on the neck, shoulders and head, really helping those who suffer from tension, headaches or migraines.

As the evenings get dark earlier and after a hard day I’m sure most of us would like to just curl up and chill, but not always possible! So why not try a massage. I work late evenings so you could go home straight to bed for a great nights sleep! Whether it’s a half hour back massage or full body. You’ll notice the benefit.

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