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Self-care in body and mind


This week I have been thinking a lot about the benefits of self-care in body and mind.

In our busy lives, we often forget to focus on ourselves, with relaxation and “me time”. It’s so easy to get swept away in day to day living with stresses it brings. I recently had a conversation with a client who comes for waxing.

She made a point of saying that when she comes from work in lunch break and lies down, she wonders why she’s not coming for a nice relaxing treatment like a massage or a facial. But truth is, most of us don’t make the time if feel guilty spending money on a treatment that doesn’t deem to be a necessity. Finding the time for just a half hour back and neck massage, an hour full body or a relaxing facial with massage included can clear the mind and body.

When I do a massage, or a facial. I always start off with deep breathing technique to totally relax before a treatment begins. That way , client can wind down especially if been running around before turns up. Working till 9 every day, sat and some Sundays, I hope that I offer a service to cater for people that work in London and get back late and for busy mums that might want to come and chill once little ones are tucked up in bed. I’ve had some clients come, and drive home in pjs ready to fall into bed and sleep!! That’s the beauty of working from home, clients feel relaxed and able to do!!

Depending on needs , there’s a great variety to choose from. I love my body and face indulgence, which incorporates mini facial and full body massage in the hour, or if you like having attention to feet, then reflexology is amazing. But short of time. Half hour back and neck massage amazing too. For migraines and clearing the mind Indian head massage is lovely alternative.

I would advise, when can, to take some “me time”. As the advert says. You’re worth it!!

Check out offers every month as sometimes I do BOGOF. And I also do discounts.

Hope to see you soon for some TLC!

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