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The benefits of waxing

Benefits of waxing

Considering the benefits of waxing now that Autumn is officially here?

This a great time to start waxing in the winter months so by next spring you can say “goodbye” to stubbly regrowth. The majority of UK females shave every three days or so, however with waxing you can leave at least 4 weeks between treatments. So, the big benefit is less shaving and time for the rest of your beauty regime.

You’ll notice that even after the first treatment, hairs will grow back considerably finer and less noticeable as the hairs are being pulled out by the roots which means the benefits kick-in from your very first treatment.

Added to that, you avoid any cuts or nicks from your razor (which let’s face it pretty much everyone has done) which can also leave scarring, so not only are you silky smooth, but scar-free too.

A lot of people find it hard in summer months to get into a routine of waxing , especially with legs. But now coming into trousers and boots season it is so much easier to start. If you’ve shaved, ideally leave for 3 weeks before having your first wax so the hairs are not too short.

So throw away those razors and why not give it a go to have lovely smooth legs for next summer. Mention this post when booking and receive 10 percent discount on 1st treatment.

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