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Trends for 2020

Trends for 2020

Eyes will be on the natural nail this year with some different twists on the classic manicure. The look for spring /summer 2020 is a very fresh , classic manicure to create a beautiful and healthy natural nail. High shine, clean and tidy cuticles as well as hydrated hands been seen on many catwalks.

Less is more

Bathroom cabinets are set to get a little lighter this year as consumers continue to streamline their skin care. One driving force is our increasing environmental consciousness, with the likes of disposable wipes taking a hit as we become more aware of their impact on the environment.

A lot of women are going for more simplicity in their daily facial routines , with more Intense active ingredients , such as serums and oils.

Needle -free treatments are earning their place in the 2020 trend predictions.

The hyaluron pen treatment means no needles to create plumper lips , nicer cheeks or even a more defined jaw line. It is less painful and without the fear of ‘trout pout’ and over Injecting. The treatment is given in small doses , so you can build up the volume gradually , so don’t get that over inflated look.

Last year saw the indroduction of the lions treatment, which uses the technique to deliver hyaluronic acid into the lips or skin. The active ingredient rejuvenated and lifts the lip area, as well as stimulating collagen production.


Body exfoliation and hydration

Now is the time to step up your routine for lovely hydrated body as well as face!

Dermalogica thermafoliant body scrub

This dual action warming body exfoliant will energise, smooth and brighten dull skin for a radiant glow. Indian bamboo stem physically exfoliates to refine texture and brighten skin tone. Papain and lactic acid dissolve dead skin cells to promote the natural cell renewal process. Natural sea salt to revitalise and hydrate whilst a blend of replenishing bio-lipids help protect and strengthen skin barrier.

Conditioning body wash

Inspired by the essential oils diffused in Turkish hammams, this is a silky, gently cleansing formula with aromatic oils of French rosemary and Chinese eucalyptus. Fresh tea tree and lemon oils awaken the senses whilst pro-vitamin B5, tranquil and sandalwood, lavender and clary sage smooth and condition.

Finish phyto replenish body oil after exfoliation to replenish, calm and moisturise. French Plum Seed oil moisturise and protect. Fermented Red Ginseng calms and nourishes and infusion of bright Bergamot and Neroli leave skin soft and delicately scented.

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