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Winter is upon us! What to do about your skin

This is the time of year , that can play havoc with skin. Start your winter beauty routine now, with some helpful tips.

Keep skin hydrated

Always make sure skin is well moisturised, even if have oily skin, it’s more likely your skin will become dry in the winter, so moisturising is even more important. If going outside for a long period of time, apply moisturiser, or Barrier Repair is amazing at putting a protective layer to help against environmental assault from the cold and wind.

Avoid hot water. Hot water can take away the skin’s natural oils and leave feeling dry. Cooler temperatures are much better. That also applies to bath and shower. Apply moisturiser, while skin is damp to lock in moisture.

A microdermabrasion facial, will get rid of dead skin cells, it will help to remove areas of sun damage and treat fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment will also improve blood circulation which then encourages collagen and elastin production, for brighter, firmer, younger looking skin.

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